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The Neuro-Linguistic Learning Center specializes in helping children, teens and adults overcome the effects of Dyslexia, ADHD, and other Learning Challenges.

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"The NLC Scholar's Program helped take the struggle out of learning and gave my child a fighting chance." -- Kathleen T., Bend, OR

"The NLC Program helped my child go from excellent to OUTSTANDING!" -- Melissa S., Folsom, CA

"Before I came to the Neuro-Linguistic Learning Center I was hopeless. I'd given up reaching my goals. I was almost suicidal. Now, I have the confidence to go after what I want. I accept who I am and I know I have something to offer. " - Jared A., Folsom, CA

"Your coaching & help that you have given to me is priceless. I pray that God sends you & your family a blessing." - Cathy M., Apple Valley, CA
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Helping Children, Teens and Adults succeed in the 21st Century
Neuro-Linguistic Learning Center
"G R E A T news!!! Sarah got 20 out of 20 of her spelling words CORRECT today - isn't that awesome? I knew she'd do well, but 100%? W O W ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
I feel so blessed to have found you, Gerry. I swear it was a divine interventionů If what you've done for Sarah in this short a period of time is something you can offer to other children then, my God, what a legacy you have the opportunity to leave on this earth! I thank God for you. Have a blessed weekend" - Patricia

"Before my training at the Learning Center I was afraid of groups and I was always nervous when I talked on the phone. Now I'm comfortable, focused and relaxed. I can relate to people in a whole new way." - Dianne F., Cameron Park, CA
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