Reading With Dyslexia
A 6-Step, Easy-to-Use iphone application for Chilren, Teens and Adults strugling with Reading.
Step One
Relax and Focus.
Step Two
Master the Alphabet.
Step Three
Visual Word Mastery.
Dear Parents,
Your child can read, and you can all begin living with-out the pain of dyslexia within the next eight hours.

What is this?
This is the worlds first reading with-out dyslexia app. which comes with a guarantee from the families and children who helped develop and use this...

As we did, you will quickly learn that there's no need for one more tear, fear or wasted year. We know what it's like to live with dyslexia as individuals, a family and a community... and we have done everything within our power to make our World, and therefore, your World the place it should be for children and you - their friends and family.

Copyright 2009 Neuro-Linguistic Learning Center..
Free Reading with Dyslexia Video
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Step Four
Visual Reading Mastery.
Step Five
Visual Reading
Step Six
Visual Reading Practice.
After many years of hard work, we are glad to have achieved this, and we invite you to join us. There will be occasional tough times, it's true. However,what we are saying and what we promise you is this, yourself, family and child will begin to use this... notice a difference... sometimes it's a feeling, sometimes it's a thought... what we can say consistently is that... within hours of making your order, what you then have will be bringing you the changes you all require.

We are here to help you as a community and the $9.99 you are spending with us will be reinvested in funding what we do next.en and you - their friends and family.

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